MyBusiness is a B2B digital platform that enables businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to develop their digital channels in order to grow and expand their businesses. The platform enables companies and entrepreneurs to build and customize their own business networks, maximizing the efficiency of their digital channels in the following areas: Community Building, Business Matching, Event Management, Partner Activation, User Aquisition and Retention.



MyBusiness is a B2B2C platform that can

For Entrepreneurs & Startups
MyBusiness offers free & low-cost digital services to network members.

  • Startup Digital Presence
  • Discover People & Markets
  • Publish Events & Activities
  • Social & Marketing Tools
For SME's & Corporations
Expand & Transform your business with a network of people & services.

  • Branded digital solutions
  • Build & expand digital networks
  • Publish Events & Activities
  • Test new digital processes
For NGO's & Causes
Custom solutions for high impact digital transformation projects.

  • Cloud-based Infrastructure
  • High complience standards
  • Highly customized & flexible
  • Global reach deployment

Media Invest Group

Digital Tecnologies

Events & Networking

Entrepreneurship & Startups

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