Sustainable Entrepreneurship: How Trade Agreements Can Boost


Promote Sustainable Development Literacy, by addressing the importance of EU Trade Agreements in the promotion of human rights and sustainable environment in their negotiation. The event will target mainly University Students, Scholars, Faculty and Researcher Group.
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this end, the activities will take place at the University of Coimbra, also bringing to their premises stakeholders involved in regional governance, High Schools, Startups and Industry, in Start Europe Initiative.
Trade Policy and European Treaties an attempt to generate discussions on sustainable development literacy, addressing this particular target group and indirectly, the regional society in general.
To broaden the span of influence and participation, we propose that proceedings have a live broadcasting via social media.
A half-day conference will analyze and discuss how EU Trade Agreements and their negotiation, are susceptible of influencing the development and growth of cooperation beyond European borders, namely on the following strands: International Law and Regulations; Social-economy; Science and Technology; and Environment and Climate Change
Help improve stakeholders’ knowledge in relation to funding possibilities and existing internationalization instruments, beyond EU Promote meetings between participants and experts from the European Commission (DG-Trade) and AICEP (National Agency for Foreign Investment and Trade) Promote the exchange of best practices, challenges and experiences
Organize panels on the mentioned strands, considering different perspectives and their interaction, including an audience of regional young participants, considering the region’s experience in promoting innovation and establishing links between the Scientific and Business communities Publishing of conference proceedings.

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