Create one million new EU startups by 2030

One Million New European Start-ups by 2030 is a proposal designed to focus available European resources in order to build new companies at European level across the EU. The new start-ups created at European level will create jobs, generate more income to national budgets and develop innovation and creativity of many Europeans. In order to deliver on these results, the newly created financial support mechanism will consist also in equity participation tools designed to regenerate the budget from successful European startups.

The Initiative

One Million EU Startups supports the following goals

New Generation Entrepreneurs
The Initiative supports a new generation of Young European Entrepreneurs

  • Inspire criativity among young people
  • Improve skills and talent
  • Provide couselling & mentoring
  • Build collaborative networks
Digital Transformation
Develop high impact processes & solutions for digital transformation.

  • Develop global reach solutions
  • Create disruptive business models
  • High-complience & security standards
  • Develop AI & other hi-tech solutions
Financial Support for Startups
Financial support for disruptive and Innovative Startups

  • Mobilize finantial & private investors
  • Create new investment mechanisms
  • Build European Investment Network
  • Promote startup competitions
Social Justice & Environment
Develop more sustainable and inclusive solutions for all fields.

  • Help transition to a greener economy
  • Contribute to achieve the SDG goals
  • Support for rural entrepreneurship
  • Build a more just and inclusive EU
Jobs & Growth
Use Innovation to create more added value and greater growth.

  • Increase innovation rate in EU
  • Improve quality of employment
  • Raise high added-value exports
  • Increase productuvity & wage rates
Build the Next Generation EU
Help transform and design an Europe that works for everyone.

  • Develop breakthrough technologies
  • Connect even more EU countries
  • Increase european sentiment among members
  • Define EU as global leader

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One Million European Startups



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